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Journey of Discovery

Your Grandmother helped you write your book by keeping all her cards, and photos and documents, etc. and your mother helped by holding onto everything.  Your trip to Austria fleshed out the story.  It is a beautiful book and a good read.

Evelyn Finn

Chicago, IL 

Great way to capture your family history into something that future generations can read to learn of their ancestry.

What a gift!

Kathy Bodmer  

Wenatchee, WA

I believe people will naturally identify with the importance of capturing these treasures, including the notion that these treasures are timeless and their influence is eternal.  How many things in life can we say that about?

Al Ritter

​Ritter Consulting Group

Journey of Discovery

(​paperback version; shipping included)

In 1913, at age 21, Marie Strigl Brill left Austria, her family and friends, crossed the Atlantic, and arrived in Kansas City.  She never returned to Austria.  In 2010, Joann Dobbie (Marie's granddaughter) traveled to Austria and met Marie's first cousin.  What unfolds is the finding of hidden treasures, documenting an amazing life, and truly honoring a much-loved Grandma and her homeland. 

This is a story of two women whose journeys to the unknown are very similar and yet they take place almost 100 years apart.  After reading this book, you will find the courage and passion to start your own journey by documenting the stories of your parents and grandparents, and in doing so, honor them and their lives, and discover so much more about yourself.